From my Journey clients:

“You are so full of compassion and love and were the perfect guide on my Journey, I feel amazing and so empowered”

“I loved the experience, and am really grateful for your gentle and inspired guidance.”

“I never knew it was possible to feel this good!”

“The pain has dissolved leaving a quiet joy.”

“I feel alive for the first time in two years!”

“A lifetime’s burden has finally been laid down for good.”

“I no longer have any fear; I know I can handle anything!”

“This has completely changed my life! Just two days on I have lost weight, am energetic, positive and have just been offered my dream job!!”

“Something wonderful is bubbling inside me.”

“I am really experiencing being ‘in the flow’.”

“Thank you Clare, for getting me back in contact with who I really am!”

“You have saved my life!”

“It was a real “epiphany” process..everything feels SO different; very exciting”

“I have had back problems since I was a pre-teen and when I first saw Clare I had been suffering from months of vertigo, which was at times so bad that I couldn’t stand up. My chiropractor recommended Clare to me, telling me that Journey work would be a way to release some of the emotional patterns that were holding my recovery back. My first session was incredible – I found myself going through intense emotions and letting them go, and I left feeling exhausted and a little uncertain what might come of it. That was May 2013 and it was the last time I experienced vertigo. In the few months since then, my back has improved more than in the entire previous decade! My Journey took me through emotional spaces I had been unwilling or sometimes unaware that I needed to go, but goodness me did I need to go there!! Clare is an intuitive, caring and skilled practitioner and I cannot thank her enough for the huge shift she has helped me achieve”.

“Thank you sooo much for my session; it was transformational!”

“Dear Clare I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all we have shared so far – I am loving my journey!”

“In the year since I first met Clare a lot has changed in my life. I finally got a permanent job after 13 years of temp roles, I made the decision to leave a financially stable, companionable relationship to follow my heart and trust what I was feeling was in my Highest interest. I have taken up salsa, joined a reading group, and most of all I am trusting my intuition. I met a wonderful man with whom I can share my interests and really be myself, and we are now engaged to be married! I truly believe the work Clare and I have done together has helped me on this journey, learning every step of the way, and enjoying every moment!”

from one-to-one NPA clients:


“A little piece of dynamite that moved a mountain!”

“Clare took me through the NPA process as a “taster” in a few minutes, and I thought nothing more of it.

4 months later it dawned on me that the physical issue that I embedded into that process all those months ago had gone, been resolved…it’s as though a “hydra” ( in computer-speak ) had been “dropped in” to my being and worked away behind the scenes. AWESOME! I have had this issue for 50 years!!! It’s as though the cosmos sent a miracle and sent Clare to deliver it!”

“I’m sure NPA will help me to live my highest destiny, and the most fulfilling life I can imagine ( and probably more :))”

“All sorts of amazing things happening. Big stuff and I’m feeling fab, wow!”

“I am feeling much more stable and positive and also feel I can be Me.”

“My experience of Clare’s NPA was amazing. We worked very intensely for a week last winter, for several hours each morning for nearly a week, and I then continued on my own daily for a month, using the cookie cutters we / Clare had worked out, as well as ones that came up independently. I think, even though this part of the work is finished, that it is actually still operating! A lot continues to shift and change (for the better!)


The period when we started on the NPA was a very difficult, low, dark point for me – the worst time in my life.

I had really lost all sense of joy or hope at being alive. I couldn’t see any way out of it. What Clare did was manifold. She saw the situation I was in clearly, and listened to me, and noticed everything. She was able to understand objectively and subjectively, and be both a guide through the depths, and an anchor to reality. She walked with me, through somewhere that no-one would want to be! Which was a truly incredible, strong, kind thing to do. Clare’s practice of NPA is direct and unflinching, as well as nurturing and loving. NPA work with her is rooted in both the human and spiritual. My experience of the process was quite all encompassing – a physical, mental, emotional and psychic process, which I felt free to express in front of Clare. NPA goes very deep very efficiently, almost like a martial art or keyhole surgery! It’s precise and far-reaching. Things emerge that you may not want to know, and surprising nice things happen too, and I absolutely trusted Clare as I went into and through these emotions and experiences. In fact I couldn’t have had, nor gone into any of these things without Clare. This is down to her strength and support in such fearful circumstances, but also because what happens is something that comes out of the two of you working together. NPA and Clare are flexible, and although working from a framework, are led by where you are at the time you come to do the work. It allowed a seismic energetic shift for me – life feels full of life again, and much freer than anything before I started the work. Clare and her NPA work helped me find a core, and have given me a toolkit that I can draw on for a lifetime. I can’t thank Clare enough for sharing her NPA with me”

“Clare is both vivaciously charismatic and a totally potent professional – a real find”

From npa expansive workshop delegates

“You have such a wonderful energy and so much enthusiasm that we could not have failed to learn.”

“We all enjoyed each other’s company and felt relaxed together, all enjoying the process and working together in harmony. Great stuff!”

“You were totally professional, relaxed, amusing and gave so much of yourself.”

“Your welcome was so warm, and to spend the time learning with you was a total delight.”


“It has been extraordinary how profound it seems to have been. I have a massive smile and feel energised and stress free! I have told everyone I meet about it, and each time I do, the whole thing is reaffirmed! Thank you and WOW!”

“A remarkable event that inspires a new kind of wholeness”.

And on NPA in general…

“My experience with such tools puts NPA right up there with ‘The Work’ of Byron Katie.

Powerful and deceptively simple.”

“I can’t believe how powerful and deep this is”

“It is so different to other therapies in that it doesn’t treat the symptoms, but “dissolves” the cause. It feels like energy cleansing.”