“The Non Personal Awareness process is a simple way to invite a new, liberating perspective into your life, engage with the freedom it brings, and begin sustainable change for a better life experience. Simple yet hugely powerful, it’s rather like a smart phone app for the soul.
NPA works beyond the subjective experience of the ‘personality matrix’ (mind, beliefs & emotion) and goes straight to ‘The Field’. It’s very quick, and is busting many ideas of what is required to shift consciousness.”                                                                         Joel Young, Creator and Custodian of NPA

The way that most people meet NPA is in the form of the NPA process; just 6 simple lines spoken out loud!

And that’s it! NPA is explained in this short video by NPA creator Joel Young.

I first “met” NPA at a one-day “Experiential” in 2010, and was instantly impressed with its speed and the clarity that it brought to a difficult decision I needed to make. Over the next few months I began using NPA in everyday life, joined the NPA Community and benefitted enormously from NPA work and that support during a challenging time.

In 2011, I began to introduce NPA to my clients, and when in 2012 Joel announced he was looking for teachers, I was one of the first in line. I completed my training in November 2012 and since then have so enjoyed working with NPA. It works elegantly on its own, and also incorporated into sessions of other therapies ( for me, The Journey ), wherever a client appears to be stuck, or when the instinct arises. It’s so complementary, and it is quite amazing to see it work its magic in people’s lives.


What I love about NPA is that anyone can use it, anytime, any place, anywhere, and on anything!

NPA will meet you where you are at, and help you to get to wherever you need to be. We liken it to a smart phone app because it is small and portable, yet hugely powerful. It can also be a lot of fun. We are constantly amazed at how creatively people are using it; on beliefs, patterns of behaviour, physical issues, for performance enhancement, writer’s block and even in the bedroom!!! Just take a look at some of my Testimonials

There are a number of ways to engage with NPA. You can follow the instructions on the card to the right of this text to have a go with it on your own, but if you really want to find out how to get the most from it, especially if you are a therapist wanting to use it with your clients, the best way is to work with a Certified NPA Teacher in a One to One Session, or at an NPA Expansive Workshop.

One-to-One NPA sessions

The first question is usually “What can I work on?” The answer is ANYTHING!!! This is such a liberating perspective to welcome into your life! NPA embraces the whole gamut of human experience. It feels like being given a key to unlock life’s possibilities; you need never feel stuck or under-resourced again! There is a much bigger picture too. NPA gives you the possibility to live a sustainable conscious life, move from “me” thinking to “we” thinking.

During a one-to-one session we start with some background on and understanding of NPA – from its conception in a cave in India and it’s birth in a coffee shop (!!), to the wider context in which it takes place, and how it can be seemingly so simple, yet so hugely effective. Then we will look at whatever you would like to work on – the things you are experiencing that you would like to allow to pass out of your life, and the things that you are not experiencing that you would like to allow in. We then apply the process to invite the change. If a certain issue has been persistent, a programme of 30 or 33 days of daily NPA may be recommended.

Depending on your objectives, we may look at the energies of your parents and how they still play out in you, and apply the process to balance these. Or we may work on resolving conflict and bringing harmony to different parts of you ( such as “health freak” vs “couch potato” ), or your nearest and dearest relationships. Once any conflict has been resolved, we can then use NPA to enable you to welcome in what your heart desires!

This co-creative NPA has enormous potential for groups as well as individuals, as anyone who has experienced an NPA Expansive weekend will testify!

One to one sessions can also be used to teach you or you how to use the NPA process in your daily life, for yourself, your loved ones, clients or any group to which you belong. Individual, couple or group sessions are all possible.


Click here for One-to-One prices and please contact me if you have any questions and/or would like to book a session.

NPA Expansive Workshops

​The Expansive Workshop is a two-day event that teaches you the NPA perspective, and how the NPA process can be used in every area of your life. Experiencing NPA with real people means you will roll up your sleeves, dive in and witness the profound transformation for, and in, yourself.

Click here for a 30 second video of the highlights of an NPA Expansive

Day 1 Learn, Practice, Let Go & Open

Enter the world of effortless transformation and quiet miracles

as you learn the core teachings of NPA and discover how to gracefully use the simple, yet profound NPA Process.

The first day is a lot of fun, will shift a lot of old “yukky” stuff out of your life and open you to all that lovely stuff you’ve

been ‘trying’ to let in for ages!

Day 2 Heal, Balance, Harmonise & Co-Create

​Revolutionise your perceptions of Relationship as you learn to apply the simplicity & power of NPA with your nearest and dearest, bringing harmony and balance to your key relationships. Then take your understanding of what NPA is about (and where it can take you) to a whole new level, as we use it to co-create whatever you would like to welcome into your life.

Throughout the entire workshop you will
Expand, Expand, Expand!


And it doesn’t stop there! After the workshop, you will be a lifetime member of the NPA Community

with access to:

*   Unprecedented on-going support

*   Masterclass Community conference calls hosted

by certified NPA teachers twice a month

*   Community Facebook pages where you can connect and

arrange swaps with NPA users all over the world!

*   Special events and discounts


My Expansives are run in Central Norwich, or other venues by request. If you would like a smaller more intimate experience or to work on a specific theme / project, then why not host a workshop and share NPA with friends, family or loved ones?

2 day workshop from £165*, 3 day workshop from £191* see Events for upcoming dates and to book your place.

*These are Early Bird prices for bookings 6 weeks in advance of an event. Low income rates are also available

Designer NPA Workshops for groups of 2 or more

​The possibilities are endless; working on a new project? Experiencing an office politics nightmare?

NPA can bring flow to any situation; wherever your imagination can go!!

Please contact me to discuss.